Vehicle Matrix LLC

​DAV is dedicated to a single purpose:  empowering veterans to lead high quality lives with respect and dignity.  As an organization of veterans helping veterans, DAV has a proven track record of results – each year, we assist with more than 250,000+ claims to obtain needed benefits in over 100 offices in the United States and Puerto Rico.

DAV is extremely thankful for the support it receives from corporations and organizations as it is critical to providing service and advocacy.

As a small business owned and operated by a disabled veteran we believe in supporting our countries veterans; in order to do this, we count on you!

Vehicle Matrix.LLC we be making a donation to DAV after the completion of each and every land clearing and brush removal project. 

You will find a brief description of DAV below along with a link to their website if you wish to find out more or make your own donation.

                                           Help Support Your Veterans .....  

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