Vehicle Matrix.LLC is a Certified State Small Business and a Disabled Veteran Business EnterpriseSB/DVBE. We offer our Mastication services through out El Dorado County and the surrounding areas of Placer, Amador, and Sacramento counties.

Vehicle Matrix's Owner Greg Bueghly, as a career Fire Captain with over 25 years of fighting California Wildland Fires, strives  to keep our community Fire Safe and water rolling where it's needed most.

We welcome bidding on your   construction project using our Water Trucks. Dust abatement, road work, long or short term projects. We can help you reach your SB/DVBE goals for your state or county projects. We pride ourselves on our premium equipment, which is highly maintained and reliable.

 We are tier level 1 Water Tenders. When waters needed WTUF will be there, SB/DVBE contractor. 


water truck division

Let us make your overgrown property Fire Safe!
​Our Terex PT100G Forestry Masticator is the revolutionary way to clear land, fire brakes, and manage brush. Eco Friendly clearing leaves mulch not burn piles and the Terex PT100G with 20" tracks only produces 4 psi per inch for less soil disturbance. Fast and Economical land maintenance. Call today for your free estimate.

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5pm

Saturday: 8:00 am - Noon

Emergency Service Avaliable


Vehicle Matrix LLC

 (530) 334-3299

4961 atlas lane, garden valley ca 95633